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"Every artist dips his brush with his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures."

"Into the Horizon" – an extraordinary exhibition that transcends borders and brings together the vibrant artistry of Arab artists from across the Middle East. This groundbreaking showcase, featured prominently at COP 28 in the Blue Zone, marks a significant milestone for 81 Designs.

Inspired by the rich and diverse artistic heritage of the Middle East, "Into the Horizon" beautifully weaves together the cultural tapestry of the region. The exhibition serves as a testament to the power of art in conveying messages of unity, resilience, and hope in the face of challenges.

At the heart of this collection lies a unique fusion of creativity, with each artist contributing a piece that reflects their individual perspective and experiences. The incorporation of Palestinian tatreez, a traditional form of embroidery, adds a poignant layer to the exhibition, symbolizing the resilience and heritage of the Palestinian people.


COP 28's Blue Zone provides an ideal platform for "Into the Horizon" to shine, offering a global audience the opportunity to engage with the diverse narratives embedded in each artwork. This collaborative effort not only showcases the talent of the participating artists but also underscores the importance of cultural exchange in fostering understanding and cooperation on a global scale.

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