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Standing Tall

“Standing Tall” a tribute to women by women inspired by the Year of Zayed for the 10th Edition of Abu Dhabi Art 2018.

Bokja is a visionary, questioning the norm and the anticipated, celebrating details that turn imperfections into significance and connection. Bokja is an aesthetic that excites and surprises with reinvented and repurposed items and materials, creating a space to dream and contemplate thenew. Bokja is the skin, the surface, the external expression.

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The Makers

Designers Huda Baroudi and Maria Hibri co-founded Bokja in the year 2000. Their life-long interest in traditional tapestries, textiles and rugs of the Silk Road foretold Bokja.Through trade and travel, textiles, patterns and colors were gathered from around the world, focusing on the Levant and Central Asia. With a sharp eye, whimsical demeanor, and expertise they source the most beautiful and precious raw materials to use as the base for their creations.

81 Designs women embroidering Standing Tall (13).jpg

The Craft

Textile making and embellishment has been a significant part of Middle Eastern craft for over 8500 years. Bokja seeks to unearth this age-old tradition, giving voice to the intimate narratives embedded within the textiles. Bokja’s textile laboratory is a representation of a diverse cluster of textile techniques ofthe region. With a solid network of specialized artisans, Bokja serves as a curator of textile practices and a gatherer stories.

Standing Tall by 81 Designs and Bokja_Moment 2 (1).jpg
Standing Tall by 81 Designs and Bokja_Moment 2 (1).jpg



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